Hitachi 10-Inch Sliding Miter Saw Review

The Hitachi C10FSB is a dual bevel compound saw with full functionality. It is the perfect woodworker's tool for making perfect miters and bevels in a variety of materials that include, including wood, plywood, hard board, soft fiberboard, decorative panels, and aluminum sashes. It has a positive miter stop for the most common miter angles, to either left or right, capable of being set 57 degrees to the right and 45 degrees to the left.

Soft Start Feature and Electronic Speed Control
The Hitachi C10FSB has a soft start feature. This eases the saw into motion and takes around two seconds for it to get up to full speed. This makes it easy to start off cuts without the saw banging into to top speed straight off. It also reduces the saw's recoil, causing less wear and tear overall. The electronic speed control of the Hitachi C10FSB ensures that it stays at a near constant speed throughout any cut, no matter how much of a load there is, within its limits of course.

Poly-V-Belt Tranmsmission
The Poly-V-Belt transmission system of the Hitachi C10FSB is quite different to the more usual gear driven transmission of most electronic saws. The bet drive allows the saw to have a soft start function whereby it can quickly come up to full speed, rather than blast straight off at full speed with no warning.

Features and Specifications
The Hitachi C10FSB is a 10-inch sliding dual compound miter saw
It has electronic speed control
It features a soft start mechanism to help reduce noise as well as recoil.
It has a 12 amp motor that runs at 3,800 rpm.
It has 10 positive stops for quick miter cut settings.
It features a pivoting fence to support work pieces in the vertical.
It features a stainless steel detent plate.
It has a 10-inch carbide saw blade.
It features a dust bag vacuum system to remove dust and debris from the cutting area.
It measures 20-3/4 inches by 41-1/2 inches by 24-1/4 inches
It weighs 43 pounds
It has an Amazon shipping weight of 60 pounds.
At the time of writing the Hitachi C10FSB can only be shipped within the USA and to APO/FPO addresses.
The saw comes with a 5-year warranty

Customer Reviews and Scores
There are 38 customer reviews to be found on Amazon at the time of writing. On average, they have scored the Hitachi C10FSB a respectable and quite high 4.7 out of 5 stars.

One customer commented, "...the safety switch position takes some getting used to but it does keep you aware that you are about to start the saw." This is a minor point, and a niggle really. It could have been designed better, but it's not really a big issue.

Other customers had this to say about the Hitachi C10FSB: "I plan on bragging about and keeping this saw for a LONG time," and, "I would certainly recommend it if you need a good dependable tool," and, "'s a great saw," and finally, "You'll love this saw, its the best on the market." With that in mind, I can easily recommend the Hitachi C10FSB miter saw.

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